Having their own private pool is a long cherished dream come true for more and more people, a desire to improve and invest in their quality of life, whether for sport, health, or simply for leisure and relaxation.

The delifol pool lining from Chemoform will help you to realise your dream quickly and inexpensively. Whether the delifol lining is being installed into a new pool or for renovation an old tired shell, you have the opportunity with a wide range of colours and patterns, to design and build the pool that you’ve always wanted, to compliment your home and surroundings and to reflect your personality.

The tough 1,5 mm thick PVC membrane, is reinforced with

a strong woven webbing, set into the material during

manufacture, this gives it the stability to resist stretching under the extreme pressure of water. The chemical formulation, constantly checked and monitored gives it the perfect balance to protect it from damage from sunligh, pool chemicals and the extremes of wheather and temperature whilst keeping it supple enough to be laid into the most

awkward of shapes.

A textured non-slip material, available in 8 plain colours provides safety to step treads, ledges and the floors of

shallow pools.

delifol fulfills all requirements to a modern,

environmental friendly and functional swimming pool lining system.


This is how delifol works:

Schritt 1
Schritt 2

1First, the compound sheets are installed. 


Then, a PES-fleece is entered as a seperation layer.

Schritt 3
Schritt 4

3Next, the delifol rolls are spread out and welded into a homogenous, waterproof surface.

4After the installation of the built-in elements, your swimming pool is ready.